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The Legend Of Zelda: Link Papercraft by BRSpidey

Incredible! The model looks amazing. The build is flawless, which is rather impressive considering the size reduction. The hair might h...


Mega Lati@s Papercraft - Paperpokes by LuisFerrari
Mega Lati@s Papercraft - Paperpokes
New game! YAY! We couldn't let this date go without a model. I suggested Brandon this one, I had to rush a bit to get it done in time but in the end, it was worth. 

he model is not complicated, except for some parts I indicated on the template. The problem with this one is on the wings: they're HEAVY! So they will colapse with time (short time), so you'll need to roll a tube of paper and insert inside the arms, they'll give it more strenght. The bases will help as well, making it stand and holding the arms. 

Mega stone and soul dew are included on the template, nice touch by Brandon if I may add. 

The model was edited by Brandon and built by me.

It can be downloaded here: 
Mega Latios:…
Mega Latias:…

The only difference between both are the eyes, size (they're in scale, btw, so Mega Latias will be a bit harder to build) and the Mega Stone.

Have fun ^^ Building and on your new journey in Hoenn!
He will what?! by LuisFerrari
He will what?!
Beware of dog... He's still hungry and guess what's on the menu... ;)

I guess this one went mad, but that's ok, we all go a little mad sometimes... Specially today! What an excellent day for an exquisite feast. Once again this tiny Squirtle come in handy, this time to be torn apart. It's an old recipe, Squirtle liver, with some fava beans and a nice chianti. He made such a happy sound while eating, l could listen to it all day, children of the night, what music they make!

Btw, He seems to be chanting a song, seems almost like human language, goes like: "1, 2 Houndoom's coming for you. 3, 4 better lock your door. 5, 6 grab your Kangaskhanite. 7, 8 better stay up late. 9, 10 NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!", it's quite amazing. I also sweat I heard it speaking latin earlier today, "Mirabile dictu" it sounded like. 

So, pretty much RUN! 

If you want this hell hound close to you, you can download it at…
Not an easy model, but worth. 

Have "fun" MUAHAHA!

Edit: Thought I'd submit this one to a contest: Trick or Treat Contest 2014 from :iconcrartisancrafts:.
MegaHoundoom Papercraft-Paperpokes Happy Halloween by LuisFerrari
MegaHoundoom Papercraft-Paperpokes Happy Halloween
Me... again! I wanted a Mega for Halloween, so I thought what's more Halloween-y than a Hellhound?!  

Had to rush a bit with this one, which included building until 2 some nights in a row. Still pretty cool model, edited it myself. Very hard to edit and build, building beeing the easiest part of both. Be careful with the bones, they look simple, but they'll trick you...  

This one can be downloaded at :iconpaperpokes: now:…

Have fun! 
Celebi Papercraft V2 - Paperpokes by LuisFerrari
Celebi Papercraft V2 - Paperpokes
Got a couple of minutes and thought I'd upload this one here... I wanted to do it yesterday but got extremely busy.

Kinda of a weird model to post in the middle of a halloween themed month, right? Thought it would be nice to break all the scary (including Vivillon lol) and release it on this specific date. Anyone asks, Celebi is a time traveler and sometimes it gets "wibbly-wobbly", if you catch the reference... 

Regarding the model, took me some time to edit, not exactly a simple one. To build, besides the antennaes, it's quite simple. I knew it wouldn't stand, so I came up with the idea of having it sit on a tree, I really like the result with this part.

Now to the credits, I edited and built, Brandon released it and a huge thanks goes to :iconjyxxie:, before I showed her this model the base was a weird perfectly round log, looks much better now.

The model can be downloaded here:…

Have fun ^^

Btw, see you again really soon... MUAHAHA!
The Legend Of Zelda: Link Papercraft by BRSpidey
Incredible! The model looks amazing. The build is flawless, which is rather impressive considering the size reduction. The hair might have been a pain, so as the belt. I can't imagine how small the earings are.
There are only a couple of things I'd have done another way. For a start, I'd take the picture without the base, would look more natural. I positioned the shield more verticaly, observing the eyes position, like he's defending from something coming that direction. Another thing is the reflection on the shield, that's probably just because of the light. But who am I to criticize? Yours looks better than mine XD Overall the things I pointed are only incidental, the model looks fantastic and you're building is flawless! Congratulations ^^


Ursaring's sexy and he knows it! :P
Check my gallery for more papercrafts:…

Favourite genre of music: Any kind
Favourite style of art: Papercraft
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Cellphone
Wallpaper of choice:
Favourite cartoon character: Shiryu
I'm not gonna write an essay or anything like that, I just want to thank all the comments, favorites, notes, requests to submission, watches, badges... This is appreciated and, even though I can't always awnser everything right away, someday I will. Also, I can't thank everyone directly for the favorites so this is a massive "Thanks ^^" to all of you. 

These past few weeks were filled with models, mostly legendaries with some of my favorites included, such as Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Lucario and it's Mega. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to check the past month and a half here:

There's more still to come, with some amazing models, such as... well, I won't spoil the surprise :P 

See you guys... soon-ish :)
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  • Watching: Horror movies, TBBT, Modern Family... Looong list!
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Eating: Anything I can eat fast to get back to studying
  • Drinking: Water

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